Be YOURS First.

Be Mine.  Be My Valentine.  Will You Be My Valentine?

There are so many versions of these Valentine’s Day requests that you have probably heard of, said to someone, sent to someone, have had them spoken to you or sent to you, or eaten…  like these candy hearts.  

And all that is sweet.  But amidst planning the perfect night out or in, buying flowers & chocolates, contemplating the most romantic gift, meticulously putting yourself together, or finding someone to say “be mine to”…don’t forget to be yours.  Be YOUR own valentine before you become someone else’s—not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.  Since we’re already calling special attention to romance and love, take the day as a reminder to love yourself.

It’s rather instinctual to mold yourself into what others perceive as desirable—not just your partner or spouse— whether it is to have them reciprocate your love or to make them happy.  In the process of going at great lengths to please them, we neglect our needs, wants, and “self-dates.” Adjustment and flexibility are needed in all types of relationships, but self-love is paramount and provides for a strong foundation in nurturing relationships.  And self-dates boost your mood, confidence, long-term happiness, and the vibe you exude.

So don’t stress!  Take a deep breath and some time to be on date with yourself.  Maybe a bubble bath with rose petals?  Lie in bed with candles while listening to some zen music? A relaxing yoga sesson?  Or maybe if you’re real short on time before your V-day plans…a chefsperiment made with your very own hands?   That's the least you can do. Whatever it is, relish it…and say it out loud…I LOVE ME!

So my treat to you, for a self-date, is my absolute FAVORITE chefsperiment...”Nutty Buttery Banana Batter!”

You'll need to:

- Chop 1 banana

- Add 1-2 tablespoons (or dollops!) of raw, organic almond butter (any version of nut butter you might have)

- Sprinkle cinnamon, nutmeg, and sea salt

- Add walnuts and/or chia seeds for a nice crunch factor

- Splash in some rice milk (or any milk you prefer)

Mix together until you achieve a cookie-batter like consistency and indulge!  Happy Valentine's Day!


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