Anything but your Basic Biscotti.

I can’t stay away from alliteration. And I also…I just jumped on the “basic” bandwagon. Well now that it’s out of my system, we can move on.

So though the lunch menu at work changes on a daily basis, breakfast and snack supplies remain constant, so I’m really trying to get innovative here with the usual bunch—almond butter, some sort of sprouted bread, and coconut.

I’m really proud of this one though because it’s so simple yet super chic and scrumptious #obvs. You might as well just host a high tea after you try out this recipe because that’s where it looks like it belongs.



You’ll need:
- 4, 1-in. thick slices of Manna Bread (This is a higher fiber, sprouted bread—I used carrot raisin)
- Lightly toasted almond butter (Once Again is seriously the best brand ever)
- 4-8 tbsp, freshly brewed coffee
- Shredded coconut, chia seeds, cinnamon, and sea salt to taste

1. You’ll want to cut your manna bread into 1-in (or slightly less than) thick slices, and you’ll see that you’ve already achieved that rounded, semicircle biscotti shape. Toast for about 5-7 minutes in a regular toaster until it’s slightly crispy.

2. Soak your biscotti with espresso. If you want it nice and moist, you can pour 2 tablespoons of coffee per slice instead of 1.

3. Spread almond butter to your heart’s content (mine is oozing over the sides!)

4. Finally, sprinkle on the coconut, chia, cinnamon, and sea salt to taste! Even if biscotti was never your thing, now it will be.

Oh and don't forget a cool side like dried Turkish apricots- organic of course!


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