If Rice Cakes were Royal.

Find yourself shopping for healthy snacks like rice cakes, only to stare at them a day later trying to understand why the hell you bought them? 

I did.  I still do sometimes.  But the sheer thought of the agonizing pain resulting from a dissatisfying snack that tastes like air will forced me to get creative and really deck these things out.

I really  mean deck these things out.  We're not just talking a nut butter and chopped fruit or avocado and evoo combos, (though those are pretty great and will do the trick).  But here's something that'll give a new meaning to "variety is the spice of life," and erase those Regret of the Rice Cake feels.  


Yes nut butter is in this recipe, but it's just one of many ingredients. And yes the almond butter is not only creamy texture wise, but also in color! I guess the Czech like their almonds peeled (I made this while in Prague a short while ago), just as American food companies like their wheat stripped of the bran and nutrients #whitebread. 

Anyway, take your nut butter and lather it onto both of your rice cakes (or more if you're making a feast out of this).  In the name of health I wouldn't normally advocate to use jam, because of its sugar content, but desperate times (aka no fresh groceries around) had called for a little bit of indulgence and innovation...so take a specialty jam that you might have forgotten about at the back of your pantry, and put a little bit of that on in the center and swirl it around, however you like, decoratively. Some sea salt always tastes nice and rich with nut butter, so put a little dash of that as you swirl around the nut butter and jam to spread out the sweet and saltiness evenly.  

Now look around to see what you can add as a dry topping- maybe something you'd use in baking that can add a crunch, or some seeds or nuts.  I found coconut flakes, so I sprinkled some of that on.  

And for a finishing touch, think along the lines of flavor and seasoning that doesn't quite go with your mix of ingredients, but can still make for a nice complement.  I might as well have been on a wartime ration, because the only thing I could see apart from salt and tea was coffee.

Weird? Perhaps! But if you can have espresso covered chocolate, you can totally experiment with ground coffee as is!  With just a countable number of beans, you get a little taste of the jolt that you do from your morning CupAJoe, without it overpowering any of the other flavors and making it a great to-go gourmet breakfast!

How do you do your rice cakes? Share your Chefsperiments below! <3


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