An Amazing Accident: Nutella But Better!

Happy Fridayyy!

After feasting on tacos and chilaquiles of all kinds- classic, modern, healthy +vegan too, (thanks Mexico City!), I figured it was high time to get back into clean and creative cooking.

And so that's what I had been doing while MIA. Here's one of the amazing accidents that took place in my kitchen earlier this week.

To switch up my green/fruit + veg smoothie routine, I was about to make a vegan, savory chocolate smoothie (yet another excuse to use my nut butter). Side note: the next chefsperiment is also a phenomenal savory smoothie).

And because I tend to totally eyeball things, I had a little less liquid, and my nut butter was raw hazelnut I basically made nutella....

Nutella but BETTER. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and has no added sugar. I was so excited about how fantastic it tasted, while checking off all those boxes- Talk about major win!

So here are you are friends...the amazing accident! 


Heavenbychocolate (1)     

Prep (Optional):
Have your cashews soaked in the fridge overnight for a really silky texture. A few hours would do.  But if you want something nutty and really creamy, you can throw them in as is!

Really just to blend all that into your smoothie maker. I used the water I soaked the cashews in, since a) it was just enough to soak them without making me the mousse too liquidy and b) that was going to be my fresh nut milk for the smoothie!  

If you want to garnish, you can! I used a few blueberries just because I had them, along with a rosemary leaf, and a few goji berries to hint at what's in this deliciousness!  

Happy indulging <3

PS: I was amazed at how the goji berries and rosemary, being rather unusual ingredients to use in chocolate mousse desserts, gave it complex notes without letting you guess that healthy ingredients were used. The dates too for that matter gave a sinful sweetness and didn't leave behind an obvious taste that many health-ified desserts do! 


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