Unexpected Creativity

Well it's been long!  A retreat to Miami a long with lots of schoolwork and exams have kept me busy- I have chefsperimented during that time to keep me sane- since it's a passion and passions should be priorities- but I am saving those for a mega-recipe post to come!

Anyways...the main thing I wanted to share with you is this wonderful chefsperiment, which turned out to be a success, when I LEAST expected it.  I wasn't exactly planning on chefsperimenting when I stepped away from my desk yesterday.  In fact, I was in a rather dismal mood and preoccupied, and probably hungry, when I mechanically started whipping up seemingly unfitting ingredients together into this Tropical Toast and ...Friendly Fat Toast?  Haha, I couldn't think of a better name.  But it was so surprising, because I usually am  not able to healthily divert myself for a mental recharge break amidst stress, and this seemed to be like an automatic mechanism to give me a therapeutic burst of positivity.  

So apart from trying out these at home, I want you to also let yourself unwind and unleash your creativity by listening to what your body is telling you to do.  If you're not sure or have access to a go-to therapeutic activity at work or at school, just taking a quick walk and a deep breath will be good to readjust!

Tropical Toasts

And now to relish the sweet side of avocadoes you'll need:

1) 2 slices, gluten-free rice-millet bread (or whatever you prefer)

2) 1 avocado chopped/mashed

3) 2 Tbsp. organic lemon juice

4) 1/2 banana chopped

5) 2 tsp organic, raw honey

6) shredded coconut, sea salt, nutmeg

Toast your slice of bread, spread raw honey onto it.  Add the lemon juice to the avocado and mix thoroughly.  Spread or layer the avocado onto your toast, and arrange the banana slices.  Finally, drizzle on the coconut, sea salt, and nutmeg!  Hopefully you feel like you belong on South Beach!

For the Friendly Fat Toast, you'll need ingredients 1-3 as listed above, plus:

1) 1 tbsp organic, raw almond butter

2) sea salt, cayenne pepper, and paprika to taste

Toast your slice of bread and spread the almond butter.  Mix the lemon juice in with your avocado and arrange/spread it on top of your toast.  Sprinkle the seasonings to taste and enjoy, for a spicy, creamy treat!






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