KDT for the Modern and "Sanskaari"

I KNOW this is overused and you probably heard it a million times, so hear it once more: "you are what you eat." #SoBasic I know. But oh well.

Whether you believe that or not, for this post's sake, we will assume that the above statement is true. In which case, if you are a fellow Indian (or not), and are trying to impress your elders with how "sanskaari" and brown you can be, all while riding the "it" train of holistic health and wellness, you best be making, eating, and sharing this... KAJU DRAKSH TOAST. Pyar se (With Love), we will call this KDT. #TheNewBPK

KDT in the making  

KDT Final

For those of you reading this who aren't Indian, or have no idea what I'm talking about, "Kaju"= cashews and "Draksh"= grapes. The ingredient duo is SO customary of Indian tradition, whether it's offered by priests after you're done praying at the temple, placed in front of deities in shrines at home, or used to lace milk and dessert with a bit of flavor. And "Sanskaari" refers to a good-natured and person who is true to traditional Indian values. So if you eat Kaju Draksh, chances are you probably typify that. 

When I made KDT, all I wanted was some toast with a thick layer of rich and creamy, raw cashew butter #NutsforNuts. And OF course, it had to have something out of the ordinary, so I scanned the room until I found grapes lying in a bowl. I figured slivered grapes would be different than the usual apple and banana, and would add a nice citrusy element. That's when it dawned on me that I was actually consuming such a classically Indian thing- and I say this with nothing but pride and amusement.

So yeah, spread some raw cashew butter on toast of your choice (I chose Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread), wash and cut red grapes in half, decorate, and sprinkle other toppings like cinnamon and shredded coconut if you want. Pretty simple. Make some for your saas with her afternoon chai. At least she'll muster up a smile while shaking her head at your narrowly acceptable efforts of being a good bahu.


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